Diablo IV: Menestad

On Diablo IV I was a Senior Environment Artist focused on level art for exterior spaces. My primary responsibility was contributing to the level art and worldbuilding of regions within Fractured Peaks from alpha to ship quality and working closely with multiple teams including Design, FX, and Lighting to develop complex spaces. Other responsibilities included working as a Zone Supervisor for Bugs & Perf for Scosglen and collaborating to create Loading Screens.

I contributed to the worldbuilding of Fractured Peaks - Menestad including buildings, roads, landscape, and initial prop placement. I contributed to composition, macro and micro worldbuilding, and creation and adjustment of architecture prefabs. The architecture assets, rocks, foliage, materials, and other assets were created by other members of the Diablo IV Exterior Art Team and the Interactives and Props Team. Nick Murano was responsible for a first pass of worldbuilding.

Additional world building, modeling, and texturing: Diablo IV Exterior Art Team, Diablo IV Interactives & Props Team, Diablo IV Dungeon Team
Design: Diablo IV Design Team
Lighting: Diablo IV Lighting Team