Halo Infinite: Riven Gate Mountains

On Halo Infinite I was a World Artist for exterior and organic spaces for campaign. My primary responsibility was contributing to the interstitial worldbuilding of Halo Infinite’s Campaign which includes large scale organic environments throughout production from pre-alpha to ship quality and working closely with multiple teams including Design, FX, Lighting, and Sound to develop complex spaces.

I was responsible for the worldbuilding of the mountains, roads, and natural spaces surrounding Riven Gate. I was responsible for these areas from pre-alpha blockouts through ship quality and contributed to composition, macro and micro worldbuilding, and additional worldbuilding for collectibles and POIs within these spaces. The rocks, trees, foliage, and other assets were created by the 343 Environment Content Team. The 343 Bases & Outposts Team was responsible for worldbuilding Riven Gate itself. The Trench assets were built by the 343 Forerunner Art Team.

Additional world building: 343 Interstitial Team, 343 Forerunner Team
Additional modeling and texturing: 343 Environment Content Team, 343 Forerunner Art Team
Lighting & Skybox: 343 Lighting Team, 343 Skybox Team